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Setting SMART Goals - Nov 2016 Meetup

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 30, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Emilio Garcia

Emilio Garcia


Hi everyone, thank you for being part of the second Meetup of the Greenville HUG community. In this occasion, we talked about the importance of setting SMART goals and how they can help us to focus our inbound marketing strategy on getting tangible results.

Here is the presentation deck

Also, I'm sharing with you links to some of the resources and topics that we talked about during the meeting.

Book Recomendation

I recommend to you read the book Traction. An excellent guide to exploring and test the many marketing channels at the disposal of any marketer or business owner and how to find out wich ones are the best fit for your company and can get you the biggest impact.

See you all in January!

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Emilio Garcia

Written by Emilio Garcia

Entrepreneur and Founder @Boundify. PPC Management and Inbound Marketing Specialist.

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